Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of you and may 2013 bring you happiness, good fortune and health. While you are thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions, let’s run through the most important ones you can make for your foot health.

5) When you finish taking a shower and washing those little toes, it is very important that you dry between your toes with your towel. Bacteria and fungus likes to hide and grow in these little dark spaces and serves as the source of most athlete’s foot. If the skin between your toes is looking white like what your fingers look like after being in the pool for a long time, this is a sign that you are not drying your skin enough.

4) Wearing shoes outside. Shoes serve as a protective barrier between you and the great outdoors. Think of how many times you have removed gravel, sticks or nails from  your shoes. If you had not been wearing them, guess where those sharp objects would be? In your foot! So, do yourself and your feet a big favor and wear some shoes before you head outside.

3) Moisturizing your dry skin on your feet will prevent cracking and open sores. Make sure that you aren’t putting the lotion between your toes though because that can lead to the bacteria and fungus growing between your toes. If you are diabetic, you may start to notice that your skin is getting drier due to poor blood circulation. The lotion will help, but make sure you see your podiatrist so they can determine if you need to see a specialist for blood flow.

2) When you trim your toe nails make sure you cut a straight line across them. By doing this, it will help prevent ingrown toenails from forming. However, if you do notice your toe is sore or red and warm around a nail then it is time to see your podiatrist. You need to have it checked out for infection and have that annoying nail removed to take away the pain.

1) The one we all hate the most. Lose weight. Being overweight leads to all kinds of medical issues including diabetes, excess pressure on your feet that can lead to the overstretching of ligaments and tendons and eventual collapse of the arch of your foot. So, take small steps to get you on the right track to eating healthy and exercising and your body will thank you well past 2013.

If during this year you do have any foot pain or podiatric issues, Dr. Wachtel would be more than happy to see you and help your get back up on your feet. Our offices serve the Dracut and North Reading, Massachusetts areas. We are also happy to announce our Methuen and North Andover offices located at 451 Andover St. Suite 300, North Andover MA 01845 and 87 Jackson St, Methuen, MA 01835.

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